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Creating the perfect business logo

Posted on January 18, 2017 at 3:25 pm

Whether it’s for brand or personal business, Logo becomes identity. A Logo is much more a captivating picture for consumers as they cast first glance at your product or service. It’s a mirror of customer requirements for that company. A Business Logo paints the visual impact in customer’s mind. It should capture minute details to create a broad picture and have an everlasting impact on consumers. This is possible only if the logo is unique, creative and offers clarity.

Decide a purpose for which you are creating logo. This will enable you to stick to relevant details, and avoid unnecessary and trivial details about the logo.

Look for the logos of the successful companies. It will give you an idea of other competitors in market, and enable you to be more innovative and creative in design of your logo. Your Business logo should be catchy to your target customers. It should serve as a bridge between your company and customers.

People should be captivated by your logo uniqueness. It should be enticing. Common and obvious choices should be avoided. It should be distinct so that it catches the eye in the swarm of logos. Trends are constantly evolving, with new subsequent trends replacing earlier ones. Don’t be a copycat. Be a trendsetter. Your logo should be timeless, if you want to be remembered in the long run.

Every colour has a psychological effect. For example; Red signifies aggression, energy and radiance, Green shows natural and ethical aspect. Pink stands for femineity, love and tranquillity. Use it to your benefit. You should choose colour that suits the purpose of your business. Use colour to deliver your message. Fonts can be manipulated to express your tone of purpose. If your business has serious stuff, you can use New Roman Font. Comic Sans will add more playful picture to your logo.
There are many online websites and free software for Logo Designing. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Corral Draw are personally my favourite. This software deploys attractive fonts and lay outs for perfect designing.

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