Cloud Based CRM

Posted on March 4, 2013 at 10:58 am

Cloud Based Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management systems have evolved a great deal over the years. Managing customer interactions on a computer system until recently was majorly done using the email. However, dedicated customer relationship management systems have emerged as the most productive way of managing customer information and interactions proactively. Before the emergence of cloud computing on premise CRM reigned supreme. These systems deployed within a company’s premises served their role effectively and are still being used by some organizations to date. However, with globalization and mobility on premise CRMs have presented serious challenges.
Cloud based CRM has enabled individual to create global enterprises from small family run businesses. Cloud technologies offer great flexibility at very minimum cost. When working with cloud based systems data security, application development, data storage and management of servers is not a concern. Besides, cloud CRM is billed according to level of usage. This allows for minimum upfront investment and a great room for scalability. The continuous development of the applications also ensures that at any given time your organization enjoys the latest technology available. Given that today, customers are interacting with or talking to organizations across many platforms on blogs and social media; cutting edge cloud based CRM have the capability to tap into these platforms and deliver to you customer sentiment. This is very critical to customer service as it enables the company to know customer misgivings and wants.
Have the potential to greatly improve efficiency and streamline company operations. Accessibility is one of the key benefits; with a centralised database, employees across different department and branches can access the same information. This has the effect on speeding up decision making and making collaboration easier and more efficient. Are also available in all devices: mobile phones and desktop computers. If an employee is in the field and urgently needs customer information, the information can be easily accessed from the phone saving time, ensuring prompt service delivery and customer satisfaction.
Customer service and sales management is the lifeline of any business. Ability to access real time information from sale representatives in the field and customer feedback across several branches gives an organization incredible competitive advantage. Managers are able to identify problems early and nip them in the bud saving company from losses. And this is only possible with cloud based CRM systems which are capable of streaming information live to managers from all kinds of sources. Cloud based CRM systems also come with powerful data analysis capabilities with dashboards that can be configured for alerts once preset conditions are met.
Many small and medium enterprises choose to use cloud based CRM solutions as opposed to on premise systems. This is because software as a service model used in cloud based CRM software is not only flexible and highly scalable but also very affordable to manage and run. As small organization cloud based CRM is the best solution is sales and customer service management.

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