IBM Offers Global Availability of Cloud Service, Opens Data Center in Spain

Posted on January 31, 2013 at 11:10 am

IBM has expanded availability for its cloud service to 5 continents

IT software giant IBM announced on Tuesday it has expanded availability for its SmartCloud service to 5 continents, in addition to opened a brand new data center in Spain to host SAP applications and other core operations.

IBM first launched the set of cloud services aimed toward managed service providers and mid-sized businesses in September, putting it in competition with cloud leaders like Amazon, Salesforce, and Rackspace.

IBM’s infrastructure-as-a-service cloud offering, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+, offers cloud computing benefits of elasticity and subscription-based pricing.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ offers an identical level of assurance typically related to a hosted service in order that clients can always access core applications for ERP, CRM, analytics, social business and mobile computing from the cloud.

The cloud service helps manage patch updates and identity management, improving security, that’s one in all the best barriers to cloud adoption.

“This can be a logical evolution of IBM’s sourcing business that offers us a bonus both in our services relationships and the cloud market as we define a brand new enterprise-grade cloud today,” said Jim Comfort, general manager of IBM SmartCloud Services. “Our clients want sophisticated, economical cloud-based services that supply the identical quality and repair level as a personal, hosted IT environment. With that assurance, they may focus more on driving business value from their data and operations, and not more on managing their IT.”

IBM could also be offering global availability of its enterprise service, IBM SmartCloud for SAP Applications, which automates and standardizes provisioning of IT environments, and may accelerate service delivery.

The SmartCloud services for SAP applications delivers nearly 100% availability to support cloud-based systems across the clock. The service is offered for SAP Business Suite software and the SAP BusinessObjects solution portfolio as an enterprise-class, fully managed PaaS service for running SAP solutions in a production environment.

Combining its global business services expertise, tools and processes with SmartCloud for SAP applications, IBM will deliver LifeCycle as a Service to remodel implementations of SAP applications end to finish.

The service puts the responsibility and control of the SAP applications in IBM’s hands, fully managing all tasks of the method including software patching of SAP solutions and support for the underlying operating system, database and middleware.

Clients may establish their SAP solutions development and test operations on IBM’s public cloud service, SmartCloud Enterprise, then move the SAP applications to the SCE+ platform for production.

IBM is offering SCE+ from its cloud centers in Japan, Brazil, Canada, France, Australia, the U.S. and Germany, enabling clients to make your mind up the geographic location of where their data resides.

IBM opened its first cloud center in Barcelona, Spain to service clients worldwide, as a way to be in operation by mid-2013. Enterprise+ helps clients move to cloud more quickly and affordably by determining which workloads are most fitted to the SmartCloud Enterprise+ environment.

IBM SmartCloud Resilience services was launched in June 2011, enabling IBM clients to guard, store and quickly retrieve critical data inside the event of a disaster.

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