Data Recovery Solutions

Posted on December 21, 2012 at 11:48 am

Data processing is a process whereby is converted into information that is usable. Data is stored in data storage devices that include hard drives, removable disks and flash memories. Others data retrieval devices include backup tape drives, databases, RAID arrays and CD/DVDs. These electronic devices are usually reliable with slim chances of failing. However, what happens if one day you wake up to a situation where your stored data is irretrievable try as you may, you still cannot repossess it? It is during such circumstances data recovery solutions are required to save the situation.

Such misfortunes occur daily and many a time, end-users find are lost for what to do. The situation may be caused by a mechanical failure loss the data or otherwise make it inaccessible. Files can also be inaccessible when accidentally erased or while being formatted or portioned by the owner. The owner could also have inadvertently forgotten the password or it could have been a result a disastrous situations such as fires, spillages and other physical causes. Whatever the cause it in such rare occasions when a user has tried all normal data access techniques and failed that we think of more advanced solutions.

Data recovery is a process of restoring lost data that has been accidentally deleted or otherwise corrupted from desktops and laptops, servers, backups and other external storage systems. The retrieval process may vary depending on the circumstances in which they were initially lost or corrupted. It may also depend on the software that created the backup and the target media storing the data. The backup software in most desktops and laptops are user friendly and restores lost data on their own. Otherwise, a user may require the services of an IT specialist to restore corrupted databases from more complicated backup systems. Notably, data recovery solutions will restore data even in circumstance where the lost files were not backed up because the file system of the computer remains on its disk.

To sum up, data recovery solutions are used to bring back lost data and files. Some recovery cases can be relatively easy and will take but a few minutes to resolve. However, others require a comprehensive work plan and may last many hours. Whatever the case, the data recovery process is typically the same and involves the following steps: Media evaluation to determine the extent of the damage, a simple analysis to estimate the amount of recoverable data, the recovery steps to be involved and the amount of money that may be required and mirroring the accessible to safe locations if the storage device is still functional. Next is the repairing the damage that may be causing the device to malfunction. This is to be followed by recovery stage where a data recovery solution; recovers the data in logical sequences. The recovered data is thereafter analysed into usable formats from which a report of the recovery is prepared and displayed finally, the recovered files are returned or restored on a media of choice.

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