Factors to consider when choosing data recovery solutions

Posted on January 15, 2013 at 11:49 am

Sometimes you may accidentally delete your important documents, unintentionally format your hard disk or in some unfortunate cases, a hard disk crush. Whatever the reason, losing data can be very traumatising. In case of such eventualities, you need to choose the right data recovery solutions provider. However, getting an ideal provider in a market crowded with many providers can be very overwhelming. Here are some pointers on how to choose the ideal data recovery solutions provider in the UK.

  • Any data recovery solutions provider should place high emphasis on security and privacy of your data. When you contract such services as data recovery, there are certain risks to which you are exposed such as identity theft as well as information breaches. Therefore, ensure that you evaluate the security and data confidentiality measures of the solutions providers.
  • Credible providers will offer to evaluate and analyse your case in order to identify the problem and suggest solutions without any compulsion, hence you should not feel coerced to hire the provider(s).
  • The pricing for recovery services vary on gravity and severity, therefore, you should be wiry of providers who are charging a flat rate for their recovery services. Moreover, the most expensive does not necessarily mean guarantee of quality. In that connection, ensure that you analyse the packages offered by different providers.
  • Ensure that you evaluate the provider’s past performance and their success rate before hiring them. Usually, most of the credible providers will guarantee a 90+ per cent success rate.
  • Evaluation of the company’s portfolio and clients testimonials should also be a good precautionary measure. You will be able to get ideas on satisfaction levels by evaluating the client testimonials.

Alternatively, if you are the DIY type opting to purchase the data recovery utility software then you need to check out the following suggestions.

  1. Ensure that the application’s interface, commonly referred to as user interface, is easy to manage.
  2. Ensure that you go for a well-tested application with good ratings
  3. Ensure that the application you are opting for is compatible with your PC.
  4. As you evaluate the application, ensure that the application is able to recover all file types.
  5. The recovery application should have a preview option. This will help you identify the files that are recoverable and those that are not.
  6. You can opt to get a free trial version before the purchase in order to test and see whether it is worthwhile to invest in the application.
  7. Firms with customer support are the most preferred; therefore, ensure that you confirm what kind of support your provider will offer once you purchase the application.

In summary, losing data can be very frustrating however, with many data recovery solutions you need to evaluate the provider’s security and data confidentiality measures, their pricing, their success rates, check on their current client testimonials as well as the company’s portfolio. Alternatively, if you opt to purchase data recovery software you need to look at the user interface, compatibility with your PC, and customer support from your provider.

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