Memory Sticks Vs Portable Hard Drives

Posted on July 31, 2015 at 12:01 am

Memory stick and portable hard drives are both fantastic ways in which data can be moved from computer to computer. They are both useful devices and serve the same purpose, but the differences between the formats may mean that one is better suited to a certain task than the other.

Memory Sticks

These are small, portable storage devices. Data can be quickly accessed via a USB connection and can be ready to work on the computer you’ve connected it to in seconds. They are considerably smaller than portable hard drives, but because of their smaller size they have less memory to store data on.

Portable Hard Drives

Larger than memory sticks, but not by much. They are still just as portable and work via a USB connection. Older portable hard drives also require a power cable to be connected to them but these older models are being quickly replaced by USB only formats.

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