Online Safety For Children

Posted on March 17, 2021 at 2:46 pm

Parents, it is clear that children now are growing up around technology and the online world. This is why we must discuss online safety with you, helping to keep our precious children safe when online. With children from as young as 10 owning their own mobile phones, and children from as young as 3 being left to play on iPads on their own, it is an important topic to discuss.

No matter how old your child is and how safely you have set up their piece of technology, it will never be 100% safe as unfortunately, people do find ways around the systems to show our children content that is not suitable for them. To keep your child safe when online it is important that you fully discuss with them the dangers of being online. Discuss with them the dangers of them talking to people they do not know and have never met. The dangers of sharing images online and how these can be used against them. Talking to them about keeping their life as private as possible to ensure their own safety and not affecting the possibility for employment in the future.

If your child is not old enough to understand these concerns of yours, and how to stay safe online, then they really should not be going online. If you still wish for your child to go online you should always be with them to watch what they are doing. Blocking anything you deem unsuitable as quickly as possible. You should also ensure that you only download apps onto these devices that are suitable for their age group. For example, rather than downloading YouTube, download YouTube Kids as this app has been created especially for children, displaying content suitable for them. Removing apps such as Safari or google will keep them from straying into the internet world by accident.

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