Canadian Website hosting Launches Cloud Shared Hosting In keeping with VMware

Posted on February 1, 2013 at 1:10 pm

Canadian Internet hosting launched cloud shared hosting services in response to VMWare

Canadian Website hosting announced on Tuesday that it has launched cloud shared hosting services according to VMWare.

Canadian Internet hosting said that with this offering it’s the first Canadian web host to provide cloud shared hosting built on top of VMware technology. In December PEER 1 Hosting and Tier 3 launched a cloud platform in Canada also built on VMware technology.

Within the past few months there were more options for businesses in search of cloud hosting in Canada, including a brand new business from Canadian web host Blacksun,, in keeping with OnApp cloud software. It’s not only Canadian businesses which might be after Canadian cloud hosting; Canadian cloud hosting products could be an alternative choice to the united states market where customers sometimes hesitate to find data as a consequence of certain legislation.
Starting at $12 per thirty days, Canadian Internet hosting Cloud Shared Hosting plans offer cPanel or Plesk control panels, and come in Linux or Windows. It uses clusters of enterprise-grade Dell servers that use hardware-based SANs.

Combined with VMware virtualization, Canadian Website hosting said its customers have the security of redundant hardware failover, combined with the simplicity of shared hosting.

“Traditionally, when you wanted the advantages of virtualization, you needed to examine a virtual server or service offering that required technical resources to cope that server. More importantly, a lot of those self same services can be found in a rustic that doesn’t allow customers to satisfy their privacy requirements with their cloud-based data,” Matt McKinney, director at Canadian Website hosting said in a press release.

“Unlike a number of our competitors who use third party resources, our Cloud Shared Hosting plans were built from the bottom up using proven Six Sigma methodologies that incorporate the voice of our customer. We recognize that security and geography are only as important because the technology,” McKinney added. “Our plans are tailored specifically for patrons searching for the simplicity of a shared hosting environment, and need to make use of the advantages of a cloud environment where features like automatic failover and geographic control are included. We’ve recognized from day one who not every customer has the resources to take a position in expensive hardware or complicated load-balanced, multi-server configurations. We wish to make some great benefits of the cloud available to everyone and lower the quick- and long-term costs to get access to enterprise-grade cloud hosting services.”

The Cloud Shared Hosting plans including 24

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