Canadian Website hosting Offers New Botnet and Malware Prevention Service

Posted on December 23, 2012 at 11:10 am

Canadian Hosting announced on Tuesday that it has deployed a brand new Secure IT botnet and malware prevention service across its network

Canadian Website hosting announced on Tuesday that it has deployed a brand new Secure IT botnet and malware prevention service across its network.

By combining technologies and partnerships, Secure IT creates a complicated defense network layer that protects users and networks from possible malware attacks.

The new service can be available immediately to customers that allows you to reduce data theft, detrimental network activity, decrease email spam, and improve overall service and network performance.

Compared the worldwide average, Canada has less phishing sites, malware hosting sites and sites hosting drive-by downloads, per a up to date report by Here’s due to the many factors, including good user education on malware, and proactive service providers that circulate security alerts to customers.

It’s an additional story on the federal level, however, with a contemporary audit report exposing major weaknesses with how the govt. deals with threats on its network.

Canadian Internet hosting says its new botnet defense and anti-malware technologies work by enabling firewalls to dam both inbound and outbound traffic by tracking, updating, reporting, and delivering malicious activities to the firewall gateway to enforce pre-determined security policies.

“Over the following five years, the variety of websites on the web will grow to just about five to seven times today’s number, and increasingly more of these sites turns into targets by inappropriate or outright malicious attacks,” Kevin Liang, Canadian Website hosting CTO said in a press release. “With these new technologies, we’re providing a streamlined security platform that enables us to create custom white and black lists, lists for inbound and outbound blocking, in addition to specializing in realms or malware types. In doing so, we can remove a serious amount of malware for our customers. By giving our customers Secure IT, their content, systems, and reputation values could be protected against malicious attacks.”

While it can be unclear exactly how much Canadian Website hosting is charging for the recent service, or what the price entails intimately, its press release says for “a couple of dollars a month , Canadian Internet hosting customers can add the hot defense layer to their plans and feel reassured that their IP, their business and their investment are secure.”

This news comes two months after Canadian Hosting has launched to give cloud hosting.

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