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Posted on February 28, 2013 at 7:10 pm

As we approach the tax season, some retail companies could be inside the technique of are seeking new ecommerce software. Most of them will probably choose expensive proprietary software from a commercial vendor, but some will look to free and open source software as a viable alternative. Is that this the perfect move- Should a web retailer trust their business to open source software-

First, it is very important understand what free and open source software is. The idea that dictates that software might be developed in an open environment and that the source code has to be shared freely with the community. A free software license typically allows the source code to be shared, redistributed, or even sold by anyone who desires to develop it.

Free software is ordinary on the net. Apache HTTP Server is the most well liked web server software, and Linux-based operating systems are standard on web servers. These technologies are generally considered more stable and safer than their competitors.

For retail, there are lots of options for software, if it is at the backend or storefront. Free software can provide the advantage of having an open development model where freely modify the software to suit your company’s needs. Moreover, you could avoid vendor lock-in, since any vendor can pick up the source code and supply you with the economic support and development which you need.

If you don’t have the technical staff to develop or build upon open source software, you ought to probably avoid tackling it by yourself. You are able to still search out a commercial vendor that sells and supports open source, and you may still have the benefit of its advantages. If this kind of vendor doesn’t exist and also you cannot support the software by yourself, you will have no choice but to select proprietary software with commercial support.

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