Microsoft Planning Online Windows Azure Conf, Targeting Cloud Developers

Posted on December 29, 2012 at 11:10 am

Microsoft says its Windows Azure Conf will offer developers practical presentations from an expansion of Windows Azure MVPs and real-world users

According to posts made this week, Microsoft is planning an internet event, the November 14, 2012 Windows Azure Conf, which aims to offer cloud developers with case studies demonstrating how the Windows Azure cloud platform can successfully be used to develop apps for distribution via the cloud.

Microsoft says the development will run from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 14, and can ensue on Channel 9, the insider information channel for developers at the Microsoft Developer Network website – named for the channel at the United Airlines in-flight entertainment system that lets passengers hear what’s happening inside the cockpit. It is, the “conference” will involve a sequence of video presentations streamed live online.

Windows Azure has evolved since its early arrival as Microsoft’s platform-as-a-service play within the cloud hosting space. With several of the platform’s advancements inclusive of the Windows Azure appliance, Microsoft has made moves to incorporate hosting providers within the ecosystem, including enabling hosting providers to deliver cloud resources using the Windows Azure platform to customers.

Last week, Microsoft announced that a preview of its Windows Azure Cloud store – providing developers with easy accessibility to 3rd-party add-on apps – was available inside the US.

For hosting providers, the development is a good example of the type of outreach that progressively more service providers – including many with far more limited resources than Microsoft – have been pursuing to have interaction with existing customers or communities of developers they would like to focus on.

According to the web site, the Windows Azure Conf will feature a chain of presentations from Windows Azure MVPs and insiders, that specialize in practical, real-world examples of ways the technology should be would becould very well be put to make use of either by independent developers, or within enterprise environments.

The keynote presentation can be delivered by Scott Guthrie, corporate VP in Microsoft’s developer division. Other speakers are a listing of consultants and developers, including Andy Cross of Elasticloud, Eric Boyd of responsiveX, Rick Garibay of Neudesic, Panagiotis Kefalidis of Devoteam and several other others.

The complete list of speakers is accessible on the Windows Azure Conf website.

“Windows AzureConf’s session lineup will feature practical topics, real-world solutions, and inventive ways that the Windows Azure platform may be used,” says the copy at the event website. “The speakers are all Windows Azure power users and real-life Windows Azure customers. Session won’t get more effective or real-world as these. There’s no 100-level talks on this event. Consider it as an afternoon of case studies in how you can be successful to your day job using Windows Azure.”

Talk back: Are you seeing a requirement for the Windows Azure platform a few of the developers or enterprises using your hosting services- Have you ever explored any of the opportunities to deliver services in accordance with Azure in your customers- Any interest in sorting out Windows Azure Conf- Do you think that it’s an excellent outreach project- Tell us within the comments.

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