SingleHop Launches Cloud Apps Marketplace with Standing Cloud

Posted on February 10, 2013 at 11:10 am

A screenshot shows an application being deployed via the Standing Cloud application marketplace.

Cloud application marketplace solution provider Standing Cloud announced on Wednesday that managed and cloud hosting provider SingleHop has made use of the Standing Cloud platform to launch Hosted Cloud Apps, an easy means for purchasers to locate and launch cloud-based applications from inside its LEAP customer portal.

According to the announcement, the Hosted Cloud Apps product uses Standing Cloud’s strategy to power a marketplace of greater than 100 applications and development tools, configured to be instantly deployed and run on SingleHop infrastructure.

The deal is certainly one of a number of recent partnership arrangements with hosting and cloud providers announced by Standing Cloud inside the last several months. Earlier this month, CMS developer SetSeed launched Standing Cloud system for patrons to deploy its tools on cloud services from numerous hosting providers. Last week, Standing Cloud announced that enterprise platform software firm Liferay integrated with the Standing Cloud platform to make sure that Liferay users to simply deploy on quite a number public cloud services.

The Standing Cloud platform is an engaging case as it sets out to deliver value in two directions. To hosting and cloud providers, it provides a way of offering customers quite a lot of hosted applications – a good way for an organization interested in infrastructure to stack applications on top of that infrastructure. In spite of this, for the developers of these applications, it offers a method of being delivered via hosting providers, without requiring the work of building those channel partnerships themselves.

On the hosting provider side of that equation, SingleHop is a major new partner from a possible revenue standpoint, and it might also prove being a notable endorsement among other hosting providers who may consider an identical partnership. Based in Chicago and commenced in 2006, SingleHop has evolved into one of many more notable players within the hosting space, with greater than 10,000 servers under management, though Standing Cloud’s partners already include SoftLayer, Rackspace, GoGrid, Amazon and HP Cloud Services, among other notable companies.

“Making it easy to launch and run fully configured versions of popular applications, and manage them directly through our LEAP Portal is something our customers has been soliciting for, and status Cloud made it easy for us,” says SingleHop CEO Zak Boca, quoted within the press release announcing the partnership. “We were ready to integrate the marketplace seamlessly into our console and infrastructure, and customize it with our own appear and feel to supply a user experience it’s point-click simple.”

Talk back: Have you ever examined Standing Cloud, or an identical application marketplace model for introducing new applications for your customers- Does SingleHop appear to be a deal that will represent your use of the service well- Does today’s partnership, or the hot string of alternative deals, make you prone to look over Standing Cloud- Tell us within the comments.

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