THN-CyberBunker Down from DDoS

Posted on November 14, 2013 at 7:19 pm

(The Hosting News) – Web host CyberBunker experienced a DDoS attack recently, according to Information Week. The incident represented the latest development in a controversy surrounding itself and anti-spam firm Spamhaus.

Attempting to access CyberBunker’s website was impossible.

The web host was recently added to Spamhaus’s blocklists following an accusation that it was involved in spam. Spamhaus later accused it of coordinating a DDoS attack against it – something that was described as one the largest in internet history.

According to CNET, the attack represented 300 gigabits – notable for being six times larger than similar incidents.

While calling Spamhaus’s actions “censorship,” CyberBunker, for its part, has denied involvement the DDoS attack against Spamhaus. “Well, it’s not us, it’s a group of Internet providers which goes under the name It’s basically a collective of a lot of people and Internet providers, and they’ve had previous issues or current issues with Spamhaus,” commented CyberBunker spokesperson Kamphuis via the report from Information week.

CyberBunker has insisted it’ll host anything – minus child pornography and terrorism-related content. The web host’s data center is inside a former Cold War bunker.

Source: CyberBunker Down from DDoS

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