VDI Provider Pano Logic Goes Into bankruptcy, Leaves Customers with Questions

Posted on December 5, 2012 at 11:10 am

Virtual desktop infrastructure provider Pano Logic disappeared this week, leaving customers with a lot of unanswered questions

Virtual desktop infrastructure provider Pano Logic disappeared this week, surprising customers by going into bankruptcy unexpectedly, in line with several reports on Wednesday.

Led by the previous CEO of Wyse Technology, John Kish, Pano Logic offered virtual desktop infrastructure and cloud desktops, direct and thru hundreds of channel partners, predominantly within the US.

A report by Credit Union Times says Pano Logic filed an Assignment for the advantage of Creditors, an alternative choice to bankruptcy. Pano Logic hired third-party assignee, Sherwood Partners, to “monetize its assets to best satisfy the company’s investors.”

The move is strange, considering Pano Logic distributed a customer win press release last Monday, where Alabama-based Redstone Federal Credit Union was set to exchange 75 percent of its PCs with Pano Logic zero client virtual desktop computing over an 18-month period. Per Credit Union Times, Redstone FCU is currently “reviewing the location.”

Even its former PR representative told the WHIR that it was as surprised because the next person when it heard the inside track.

Pano Logic hasn’t given any details or instructions to its customers or partners on its website. On Facebook, customers have posted questions on its post-bankruptcy plan, and about why its management and investor section was faraway from its website. The latest comment is from someone confirming that Pano Logic’s Redwood office is empty. The entire comments were unanswered from Pano Logic, leaving plenty of room for speculation. One theory is that Pano Logic got a cease and desist letter and will not fight back.

The move comes as a up to date study finds greater than 1/2 US enterprises are migrating to virtual desktops or considering a migration in the next 365 days. This demand have been met with virtual desktop infrastructure offerings from website hosting providers, in addition to legacy vendors like Citrix, Dell and HP.

“i feel VDI will pick up because what we’ve seen within the last couple years is the long, slow death of the non-public computer. … So, what are you going to interchange [PCs] with- In preference to puzzling over that during terms of ways much the device should cost, vendors are desirous about what they have to provide to users by means of user experience and applications support,” Kish said in an interview with Search Virtual Desktop in September.

While the Pano Logic case could be an anomaly, it illustrates the significance of due diligence in selecting a VDI partner, or any partner. It also provides an example of what to not do when communicating something like bankruptcy to customers.

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