Reasons to consider WooCommerce

Posted on November 27, 2016 at 8:34 am

If you have a WordPress website and you’re looking to make it an ecommerce website, then there really is only one plugin you should choose and it’s called WooCommerce. With WooCommerce you’re able to add products to your website as well as an account page, basket/cart page and checkout page. It makes shopping so easy and the great thing with WooCommerce is that it can be used with most WordPress themes.

If you’re completely new to the world of websites and you’re looking to create your first one or have someone do it for you, opting for a WordPress website with WooCommerce is a great starting point. Not only is WordPress one of the most customisable platforms (with a multipurpose theme in place), it’s also one of the easiest off-the-shelf content management systems to use. After a couple of weeks of blogging, adding products and editing pages you will quickly acquire skills to maintain your website going forward, and you’ll also begin to learn how to make each of your pages look good. The great thing with WooCommerce though, is that you’re essentially guided through the product necessities as you go. Let’s say you add a new product, WooCommerce will ask you for the price, whether there are any variants, whether there needs to be different shipping prices or whether this product relates to any others (giving you the chance to upsell). The more time you spend adding products the more you’ll learn and you could even design your own ecommerce shop from scratch with a little WordPress experience.

To take a look at how WooCommerce works; simply watch the video below. It shows you just how simple it is to add a product to your website, so you don’t need to fork out money to an expensive website management company.

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