What is Cloud Web Hosting?

Posted on January 30, 2015 at 1:52 pm

Cloud hosting is useful for a number of reasons specific to its hosting model. Cloud hosting relies upon a number of different servers for its hardware requirements, which sets itself apart from shared or dedicated hosting which have specific hardware allotments which you rent or buy. This gives customers a number of advantages, namely in that they aren’t as strictly limited by hardware usages, as the pool of processing power is typically considerably larger than even a massive server.

While these advantages are valuable to most businesses, it does rely on different things as well. Cloud computing relies upon your internet connection for its needs, so when your internet is down so are the applications that rely upon your cloud hosting. This is on top of possible server downtime, which is still a possibility. In addition to this drawback, attainable adequate security has been a constant concern within the industry, and has yet to be achieved to the same standard as in traditional server hosting.


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