Site Building Tools

Posted on February 25, 2015 at 2:47 pm

Site building tools are an immensely useful tool for inexperienced web developers, in that they allow even laymen to build a website from scratch. With them, you can quickly install and, to a limited extent, customise a variety of web applications and CMS (content management systems).

Most hosting companies offer softaculous, which is the largest and most distributed site building tool around. This tool is available in most cpanels for webmasters to use and is very simple to use:

When in the cpanel page for your website, typically reached by typing in the domain name followed by “/cpanel”, go to the softaculous icon and you’ll be taken through to a page where you can decide upon a variety of content management systems, from wordpress (like this website), to joomla, drupal and more which focus upon ecommerce websites like Majento. From there you just need to configure a few basic fields to match what you want and decide upon a style you are satisfied with.

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