How to chose the right hosting company

Posted on July 15, 2014 at 10:27 pm

When choosing which hosting company to use to host your website, cheapest is not necessarily the best option. You do not want to go to the expensive of having a website created and possibly even and online shop to find that the site goes offline every few days and also takes your email down with it. There are many hosting companies out there offering a wide range of packages.

Often the company that creates your website for you will host the site as well, but it is worth finding out who they use and what kind of up time and support they offer. Some companies will let you host your site elsewhere but this should really be discussed with them upfront. Websites and online trading can be a huge part of many businesses and the losses incurred if the site is offline for a few days can not only affect those days sales but also future business as many visitors will not return to a site if they have experienced problems with it the first time they used it.

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