Shared vs dedicated hosting packages

Posted on September 30, 2014 at 11:01 am

When choosing your hosting package you have to consider if you want to opt for dedicated hosting or shared hosting there are pros and cons for both. With all types of hosting you will pay the hosting company for a certain amount of space on one of their servers. The main difference is that on a shared server there will be other people’s websites hosted on there along with yours where as dedicated servers allow you to host just your site or sites. Below are a few points to consider about each option before making your decision.

Shared hosting is ultimately cheaper but can mean that actions other people take could potentially affect your site. If for example they send out a lot of spam emails or carry out bad SEO practices, it could mean your server IP gets blocked causing your website to go offline or emails be blocked. Most hosting companies are pretty hot on this and will remove any domains from their servers that are seen to be doing this.

Dedicated allows you much more control over the server settings and security. You will have access to the whole of the server and it is your choice as to how many sites you host on there. This is more expensive but is seen as more reliable and secure.

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