Top 5 Web programming languages you need to learn this year

Posted on August 22, 2014 at 4:24 pm

Technology has advanced to the new levels in recent years. With this evolution in technology, more and more people are taking a liking towards writing codes and in creating some very wonderful things with its help. For a person who has been a passive coder throughout his career, now is the time to learn new codes and programming techniques. In addition to helping developers to think critically, this is lucrative and intellectually appealing to the people as well. Keeping that in mind, here is an overview of top five website programming languages you should learn this year.


Since many years, Java is one of the high-level and complex programming languages. The proficiency in Java helps developers to create online games and to build creative interactive applications. Security offices, banks and other high-risk organisations utilise Java to protect and operate their systems. Even after 20 years, the demand for Java developers and engineers is huge and the salary they command is above average. No wonder that it is regarded as one of the best web programming languages that developers need to learn.


The usability and popularity of JavaScript has always been a topic of hot discussion among the developers and the companies. The hard-hitting truth is that this language has evolved to be one of the biggest website programming languages across the world. Available since the 90’s, this is the programming language that has allowed the programming phenomenon like Node.js to happen.


The support for unique language set makes Python a powerful language. The best part is that this unique language set is easier to learn when compared to other languages of the same stature. So, the experts always recommend beginners to start with Python. The coding for the language is easier and simple. Unlike JavaScript, Python does not have complex syntax, at least for the early stages of coding, which helps to keep the learner’s interest intact. Python has very simple functions and variables. For any beginner, this is the best language to start learning.


Like Python, Ruby is also very easy to learn. The syntax types are language based and while you are at it, you will not feel as if it is a website programming language. It has been around since the 90’s but of late, has garnered huge acclaim and popularity among developers. Many reputed websites are totally run on Rubin. The community related to the development of the language is also very active and always ready to offer the support.


In the list of the most popular website programming languages across the world, PHP is going to be the sure-shot contender. PHP is the base of all the languages. Though the syntax is easy to understand, the OOP style-building pattern makes it difficult to learn. In order to build secure platforms and applications, developers have to learn several security patterns.

For a website programming language to be popular, it should be unique and extraordinary. While recent years have witnessed the popularity of Java script raising hugely, the language that is most sought after by the employers is PHP. Developers might be interested in developing their applications in other languages, but the languages mentioned above are the only ones that have found widespread use.

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