Using Copyrighted Images In Blogs

Posted on April 28, 2015 at 6:36 pm

As you regularly update a blog it can quickly become a wall of text. There is nothing more un-enticing to look at than a wall of ASCII.

Breaking up this cycle is a great way to make your blog look and feel more interesting, a great way to do this is using images.

Placing images in and around your blog is simple, simply pull the images from the web and place them as you see fit. However there are some things to look out for when doing this. For one certain images are copyrighted which means that you can’t legally use them in a commercial manner without permission from the copyright holder.

If your blog is commercially oriented then using an image owned by someone else may break the copyright. If the copyright owner discovers that this has happened and decides to take legal action, then you may be at risk.

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