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Microsoft Planning Online Windows Azure Conf, Targeting Cloud Developers

Posted on December 29, 2012 at 11:10 am

Microsoft says its Windows Azure Conf will offer developers practical presentations from an expansion of Windows Azure MVPs and real-world users

According to posts made this week, Microsoft is planning an internet event, the November 14, 2012 Windows Azure Conf, which aims to offer cloud developers with case studies demonstrating how the Windows Azure cloud platform can successfully be used to develop apps for distribution via the cloud.

Microsoft says the development will run from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 14, and can ensue on Channel 9, the insider information channel for developers at the Microsoft Developer Network website – named for the channel at the United Airlines in-flight entertainment system that lets passengers hear what’s happening inside the cockpit. It is, the “conference” will involve a sequence of video presentations streamed live online.

Windows Azure has evolved since its early arrival as Microsoft’s platform-as-a-service play within the cloud hosting space. With several of the platform’s advancements inclusive of the Windows Azure appliance, Microsoft has made moves to incorporate hosting providers within the ecosystem, including enabling hosting providers to deliver cloud resources using the Windows Azure platform to customers.

Last week, Microsoft announced that a preview of its Windows Azure Cloud store – providing developers with easy accessibility to 3rd-party add-on apps – was available inside the US.

For hosting providers, the development is a good example of the type of outreach that progressively more service providers – including many with far more limited resources than Microsoft – have been pursuing to have interaction with existing customers or communities of developers they would like to focus on.

According to the web site, the Windows Azure Conf will feature a chain of presentations from Windows Azure MVPs and insiders, that specialize in practical, real-world examples of ways the technology should be would becould very well be put to make use of either by independent developers, or within enterprise environments.

The keynote presentation can be delivered by Scott Guthrie, corporate VP in Microsoft’s developer division. Other speakers are a listing of consultants and developers, including Andy Cross of Elasticloud, Eric Boyd of responsiveX, Rick Garibay of Neudesic, Panagiotis Kefalidis of Devoteam and several other others.

The complete list of speakers is accessible on the Windows Azure Conf website.

“Windows AzureConf’s session lineup will feature practical topics, real-world solutions, and inventive ways that the Windows Azure platform may be used,” says the copy at the event website. “The speakers are all Windows Azure power users and real-life Windows Azure customers. Session won’t get more effective or real-world as these. There’s no 100-level talks on this event. Consider it as an afternoon of case studies in how you can be successful to your day job using Windows Azure.”

Talk back: Are you seeing a requirement for the Windows Azure platform a few of the developers or enterprises using your hosting services- Have you ever explored any of the opportunities to deliver services in accordance with Azure in your customers- Any interest in sorting out Windows Azure Conf- Do you think that it’s an excellent outreach project- Tell us within the comments.

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The golf green Grid Names Industry Veteran Executive Director of Board

Posted on December 26, 2012 at 11:10 am

The golf green Grid has named industry veteran Mark Schiller executive director.

Data center energy efficiency organization The Green Grid announced on Friday it has named industry veteran Mark Schiller executive director.

Schiller has over 30 years of expertise inside the IT industry, including a decade of expertise in trade association and standards leadership.

He will succeed Mark Monroe who served from January 2011 through August 2012, through which time he helped lead The fairway Grid because it expanded its focus and deliverables to deal with growing industry trends towards the sustainability and resource efficiency of IT.

As executive director, Schiller will organize all global activities for The golf green Grid’s ongoing mandate to enhance energy efficiency in data centers and attain a broader business computing ecosystem.

Schiller has worked in multiple areas through the IT industry, including servers, storage, security, operating systems, web services and telecommunications.

In addition to this, he has co-founded and served in lots of executive and leadership roles for various IT trade organizations and standards efforts, including the Trusted Computing Group.

He also has significant experience in collaborating with the personal-public sector to determine standards and IT policy throughout the Us of a and around the globe.

“The board of directors is thrilled that Mark might be joining The golf green Grid to aid build on our mission and the transformative work we’ve achieved over the last five years,” said John Tuccillo, president and chairman of The fairway Grid. “Mark is a phenomenal leader within the IT industry with experience in both the private and non-private sector, and has a different and relevant history working with industry trade groups just like the Green Grid. He’s ideally suited to guide our organization into its next phase of growth and we’re very glad to have him on board.”

The Green Grid has nearly 200 member companies that collectively work toward establishing metrics, tools and best practices to enhance resource efficiency.

Earlier this year, The fairway Grid released new materials including research papers, survey results and measurement tools at its annual Member Meeting and Forum.

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Canadian Website hosting Offers New Botnet and Malware Prevention Service

Posted on December 23, 2012 at 11:10 am

Canadian Hosting announced on Tuesday that it has deployed a brand new Secure IT botnet and malware prevention service across its network

Canadian Website hosting announced on Tuesday that it has deployed a brand new Secure IT botnet and malware prevention service across its network.

By combining technologies and partnerships, Secure IT creates a complicated defense network layer that protects users and networks from possible malware attacks.

The new service can be available immediately to customers that allows you to reduce data theft, detrimental network activity, decrease email spam, and improve overall service and network performance.

Compared the worldwide average, Canada has less phishing sites, malware hosting sites and sites hosting drive-by downloads, per a up to date report by Here’s due to the many factors, including good user education on malware, and proactive service providers that circulate security alerts to customers.

It’s an additional story on the federal level, however, with a contemporary audit report exposing major weaknesses with how the govt. deals with threats on its network.

Canadian Internet hosting says its new botnet defense and anti-malware technologies work by enabling firewalls to dam both inbound and outbound traffic by tracking, updating, reporting, and delivering malicious activities to the firewall gateway to enforce pre-determined security policies.

“Over the following five years, the variety of websites on the web will grow to just about five to seven times today’s number, and increasingly more of these sites turns into targets by inappropriate or outright malicious attacks,” Kevin Liang, Canadian Website hosting CTO said in a press release. “With these new technologies, we’re providing a streamlined security platform that enables us to create custom white and black lists, lists for inbound and outbound blocking, in addition to specializing in realms or malware types. In doing so, we can remove a serious amount of malware for our customers. By giving our customers Secure IT, their content, systems, and reputation values could be protected against malicious attacks.”

While it can be unclear exactly how much Canadian Website hosting is charging for the recent service, or what the price entails intimately, its press release says for “a couple of dollars a month , Canadian Internet hosting customers can add the hot defense layer to their plans and feel reassured that their IP, their business and their investment are secure.”

This news comes two months after Canadian Hosting has launched to give cloud hosting.

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Data Recovery Solutions

Posted on December 21, 2012 at 11:48 am

Data processing is a process whereby is converted into information that is usable. Data is stored in data storage devices that include hard drives, removable disks and flash memories. Others data retrieval devices include backup tape drives, databases, RAID arrays and CD/DVDs. These electronic devices are usually reliable with slim chances of failing. However, what happens if one day you wake up to a situation where your stored data is irretrievable try as you may, you still cannot repossess it? It is during such circumstances data recovery solutions are required to save the situation.

Such misfortunes occur daily and many a time, end-users find are lost for what to do. The situation may be caused by a mechanical failure loss the data or otherwise make it inaccessible. Files can also be inaccessible when accidentally erased or while being formatted or portioned by the owner. The owner could also have inadvertently forgotten the password or it could have been a result a disastrous situations such as fires, spillages and other physical causes. Whatever the cause it in such rare occasions when a user has tried all normal data access techniques and failed that we think of more advanced solutions.

Data recovery is a process of restoring lost data that has been accidentally deleted or otherwise corrupted from desktops and laptops, servers, backups and other external storage systems. The retrieval process may vary depending on the circumstances in which they were initially lost or corrupted. It may also depend on the software that created the backup and the target media storing the data. The backup software in most desktops and laptops are user friendly and restores lost data on their own. Otherwise, a user may require the services of an IT specialist to restore corrupted databases from more complicated backup systems. Notably, data recovery solutions will restore data even in circumstance where the lost files were not backed up because the file system of the computer remains on its disk.

To sum up, data recovery solutions are used to bring back lost data and files. Some recovery cases can be relatively easy and will take but a few minutes to resolve. However, others require a comprehensive work plan and may last many hours. Whatever the case, the data recovery process is typically the same and involves the following steps: Media evaluation to determine the extent of the damage, a simple analysis to estimate the amount of recoverable data, the recovery steps to be involved and the amount of money that may be required and mirroring the accessible to safe locations if the storage device is still functional. Next is the repairing the damage that may be causing the device to malfunction. This is to be followed by recovery stage where a data recovery solution; recovers the data in logical sequences. The recovered data is thereafter analysed into usable formats from which a report of the recovery is prepared and displayed finally, the recovered files are returned or restored on a media of choice.

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Amazon Web Services Adds New EC2 Instances, Doubles IOPS for EBS Storage Volumes

Posted on December 20, 2012 at 11:10 am

AWS added a second generation of instances to Ec2, and doubled IOPS to its Elastic Block Store volumes this week

Amazon Web Services added a second generation of instances to Ec2, and doubled IOPS for its Elastic Block Store volumes this week, in response to two separate blog posts by AWS.

Amazon launched EBS Provisioned IOPS in August to assist customers deliver high performance for I/O intensive workloads like database storage or transaction processing. At its launch, AWS offered as much as 1,000 IOPS per Provisioned IOPS volume, and now has made good on its promise that it’d provide higher levels soon.

As of Thursday, Amazon doubled its limit, enabling users to provision as much as 2,000 IOPS per EBS volume. In line with AWS, here is an order of magnitude more IOPS than you could expect from a high-end 15,000 RPM disk drive.

One AWS customer, Parse, claims Amazon’s Provisioned IOPS helped improve its MongoDB query speed by greater than 60 percent and reduced latency spikes to its clusters.

On Wednesday, AWS added a second generation to the ordinary family of EC2 instances. Though they’ve got a similar CPU to memory ratio because the existing standard instances, Amazon claims they provide as much as 50 percent higher absolute CPU performance.

The new generation of instances is optimized for applications together with media encoding, batch processing, caching and web serving.

The Extra Large Instance has 15 GB of memory and 13 EC2 Compute Units across four virtual cores, while The Double Extra Large Instance has 30 GB of memory and 26 ECU across eight virtual cores. While only supported inside the US East region (the identical data center hit by an  outage a number of weeks ago) for now, AWS says it’ll add more regions in 2013.

Extending service capabilities and improving performance might help Amazon keep previous to competitors, which might be closing in at the cloud services provider at a quick pace. Most recently, web host DreamHost launched its cloud hosting service DreamCompute, in keeping with OpenStack, with instances that may scale from 1Gb to 64GB of RAM, and are quick to provision. The general public cloud service also works seamlessly with its DreamObjects cloud storage solution.

At the top of the month, Amazon will host its inaugural customer and partner event Re:Invent Conference in Las Vegas. In step with GigaOM, Amazon is ready to launch much more services at its conference, even though it is unclear specifically what they’ll entail.

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Internet hosting Sales and Promos Roundup – November 2, 2012

Posted on December 17, 2012 at 11:10 am

Waveform Technology is offering 2 months of free colocation services to any business laid low with damaged infrastructure as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

In the week ending November 2, 2012, Waveform Technology is offering two months of free colocation services to businesses suffering from Hurricane Sandy, Colocation America is offering a promotion that guarantees to get customers servers online in 24 hours or less or it would waive the price, is offering 20 to twenty-five percent off its shared, SharePoint, and reseller hosting plans, and WireTree is offering new customers 50 percent off the primary 2 months of VPS service or 50 percent off the primary 3 months of its managed hybrid service.

Waveform Technology Offers Free Colocation to Hurricane Sandy Victims

Colocation services provider Waveform Technology is offering 2 months of free colocation services to any business stricken by damaged infrastructure because of Hurricane Sandy.

Waveform is offering 2 months of free colocation, in addition to free setup in its Troy, Michigan Data center. Those inquisitive about the promotion can find additional info on Waveform Technology’s website.

Colocation America Offers 24 Hours or it’s Free Promotion

Colocation provider Colocation America is offering “Safe and Secure in 24″ for all of November. The promotion guarantees to have clients’ servers online and secured in 24 hours or less or it truly is free.

Colocation servers leased in the course of the promotion would be housed at one among Colocation America;s flagship data centers in L. a.. Offers 20 Percent Off Shared, SharePoint, Reseller Hosting

Web hosting provider is offering a unique Thanksgiving promotion on its shared hosting plans, SharePoint hosting and reseller hosting packages. customers can receive a 20 percent discount on anybody of its three shared hosting plans.
Meanwhile, customers will receive 25 percent off all three hundred and sixty five days or more subscriptions of its SharePoint hosting and reseller hosting plans.

To redeem the bargain, customers can enter the coupon code “ROAST-TURKEY” when finding out.

WiredTree Offers 50 Percent Off VPS and Hybrid Plans

Web hosting provider WiredTree is offering new customers 50 percent off the primary 2 months of VPS service or 50 percent off the primary 3 months of its managed hybrid service.

For a limited time, new customers will receive 50 percent off the primary two months of WiredTree’s VPS hosting service once they enter the coupon code “makethetransition” at checkout.

Additionally, new customers will receive 50 percent off the 1st 3 months of the company’s hybrid service after they enter the coupon code “hybridftw” at checkout.

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Microsoft Enhances Developer Tools with Windows Azure Cloud App Store

Posted on December 14, 2012 at 11:10 am

The Windows Azure store provides developers with third party app services and knowledge that stretch core Windows Azure capabilities

Microsoft announced on Wednesday at its Build 2012 developer conference that a preview of its Windows Azure store is now available exclusively within the US.

The Windows Azure store provides developers with third party app services and information that stretch core Windows Azure capabilities. Managed from the developer portal, the apps include monitoring and scaling as a service, performance management and monitoring, email delivery and more.

The cloud app store model was implemented by several hosting providers as a method for purchasers to simply deploy cloud services with one-click. Earlier this week, GreenQloud partnered with Standing Cloud to present its users a marketplace of applications includingWordPress and Joomla.

For Microsoft, a Windows Azure marketplace must be easy to fill considering its extensive partner relationships. For now, because it is in preview mode, the app store has limited app services available, including MongoDB, SendGrid, New Relic, ClearDB and AppDynamics. There’s a wider range of information apps within the Windows Azure store, including apps from StrikeIron and MelissaData.

The apps vary in price, and it seems that among the apps are free, no less than of their “lite” versions. As an instance, the applying performance management app AppDynamics Pro is free for 30-days when a user signs up for Lite application monitoring.

According to a report by ZDNet, the Windows Azure Store is focused towards developers and IT professionals that use Windows Azure, while the Windows Azure Marketplace is a web-based market where ISVs and knowledge publishers can sell apps and premium datasets to business customers.

The Windows Azure store fits into Microsoft’s broader vision for its Cloud OS – the “reimagined operating system that permits those smart, modern apps across a company’s data center, a organisation data center, or the Windows Azure public cloud.”

“The Cloud OS must assemble the entire services required by end users, developers and IT to really make the most of the cloud,” Satya Nadella, president, server and tools business, Microsoft said in a blog post in September.

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GlobalSign, CloudFlare Partner to Accelerate SSL Certificate Secured Websites via CDN

Posted on December 11, 2012 at 11:10 am

CloudFlare’s content delivery network, pictured, helps Global Sign to accelerate the performance of websites secured by its SSL certifcates

In a partnership that mixes the efforts of 2 vendors fascinated by the internet hosting channel, SSL certificate authority GlobalSign announced on Thursday that it has partnered with website acceleration and security platform CloudFlare to accelerate the performance of SSL certificate-secured websites.

GlobalSign says it is going to be delivering the accelerated page-loading benefits to all its SSL customers as of Thursday, at no extra charge, and requiring no new set-up on the part of those customers.

One of the major certificate authorities operating in the SSL space, GlobalSign has made a focus of developing new technology to speed and simplify the SSL certificate process in general.

Earlier this year GlobalSign launched a PHP library that made it easier for hosting providers to install the certificate authority’s One Click SSL technology, which greatly simplifies the deployment of SSL certificates for end customers.

The company has also focused on partnerships, as with this week’s CloudFlare news, that extend the scope and influence of the company’s security services. Last month, GlobalSign partnered with Internet research group Netcraft to develop tools that would help hosting providers identify customers whose accounts may have been compromised and used to house phishing sites.

According to GlobalSign, the CloudFlare system will enable browsers to validate GlobalSign SSL certificates six times faster, which will translate directly to faster load times for the web pages themselves.

Websites secured using SSL certificates require the certificate authority to deliver validity status for the SSL certificate to the web browser, via the Online Certificate Status Protocol, before a given page will load. GlobalSign will now accelerate the delivery of that status report using the same system CloudFlare uses to accelerate the delivery of regular website content.

CloudFlare provides websites with a combination of a content delivery network operated by CloudFlare, content caching, automatic optimization of content for faster delivery. It also provides filtering of attack traffic, and performance analytics, which are probably less relevant to the GlobalSign partnership.

Quoted inside the press release, GlobalSign’s chief technology officer Ryan Hurst says the partnership eliminates the impact of SSL security on website performance.

“To maximize the value of their website investments, organizations should take advantage of performance and security technologies available; otherwise, they are putting themselves and consumers at risk of a poor user experience and cyberthreats,” says Hurst. “Our development efforts with CloudFlare, as well as the benefits of CloudFlare’s global infrastructure, have eliminated the performance concerns associated with traditional SSL usage. Customers can now deploy SSL more broadly and receive maximum security without impacting the sites’ performance.”

Along with accelerating the performance of SSL-secured sites, GlobalSign says the partnership will see CloudFlare distribute GlobalSign certificates to its own customers. According to GlobalSign, “thousands of CloudFlare customers have taken advantage of the security benefits provided by GlobalSign SSL” already.

The companies partnered back in June, when GlobalSign announced that its HackAlert malware detection service would be included within the CloudFlare Apps Marketplace.

CloudFlare Apps Marketplace Adds GlobalSign HackAlert for Malware Detection

Talk back: Do you consider the performance impact a limitation of SSl certificate technology- Are you currently working with either GlobalSign or CloudFlare- Does the new partnership solve a problem you’re experiencing- Does the deal make you more likely to work with either organization- Let us know inside the comments.

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Colocation, Cloud Hosting Provider ViaWest Names Co-Founder Nancy Phillips CEO

Posted on December 8, 2012 at 11:10 am

Nancy Phillips, co-founder and chief operating officer at ViaWest, has taken over as CEO from outgoing chief executive and long-time business partner Roy Dimoff

Colocation, cloud and managed hosting provider ViaWest announced on Thursday that it had appointed Nancy Phillips, the company’s co-founder and chief operating officer, its new CEO. Phillips will replace outgoing CEO Roy Dimoff, another co-founder, who will remain chairman of the ViaWest board of directors.

“After almost fourteen years as ViaWest’s chief executive officer, i’ve decided it’s the right time to transition full executive responsibility to my long-time business partner and co-founder, Nancy Phillips,” says Dimoff, quoted within the press release announcing the appointment. “Together we’ve got built an important organization that, i’m proud to claim, has established an extended track record of success. Nancy is the correct person to construct on ViaWest’s strong foundation, and i’ve the maximum confidence that the corporate will continue to thrive under her executive leadership.”

ViaWest is a significant operator of information center space, operator of 24 facilities in Colorado, Texas, Oregon, Utah and Nevada, and a big supplier of knowledge center space to companies within the internet hosting space. Therefore, Phillips is definite to have a power over the hosting business from the CEO role.

In the announcement, ViaWest says Phillips takes over the role during a period of success for the corporate, in addition to strong growth for the industry.

“ViaWest has accomplished greatly since 1999,” says Phillips, quoted within the press release. “We have now the proper strategy, momentum in our markets, high-caliber employees, strong leadership and an amazing reputation for customer support and product innovation. i glance forward to leading the corporate as we continue to grab the opportunities ahead and build for the longer term.”

ViaWest has excited by building out its data center portfolio this year, through both acquisition and by leasing space.

In April ViaWest announced that it had closed on $65 million in debt financing. Shortly thereafter, ViaWest put that financing to work, announcing the lease on a 110,000 square foot data center space in Las Vegas.

Later within the year, ViaWest acquired another Las Vegas-based data center from CoreLink, doubling its capacity within the area.

ViaWest is additionally a captivating example of an information center and hosting business wherein the founders played a key role in managing the business following its acquisition. After Oak Hill Capital Partners and GI Partners in 2010, founders Dimoff and Phillips have remained on the helm.

Both investors have strong track records within the hosting space. Oak Hill’s other properties include Cincinnati Bell (and its data center subsidiary CyrusOne), and Telecity Group. GI Partners’ investments include SoftLayer, a hosting business also seeing great success while still helmed by its founding team.

“Nancy and Roy have both been fundamental to ViaWest’s success through the years,” says Robert Morse, a partner at Oak Hill. “Roy’s leadership has put ViaWest in a completely strong position.  Customers, partners and employees could have great confidence that, under Nancy’s direction, ViaWest will remain a pacesetter on this growing industry.”

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VDI Provider Pano Logic Goes Into bankruptcy, Leaves Customers with Questions

Posted on December 5, 2012 at 11:10 am

Virtual desktop infrastructure provider Pano Logic disappeared this week, leaving customers with a lot of unanswered questions

Virtual desktop infrastructure provider Pano Logic disappeared this week, surprising customers by going into bankruptcy unexpectedly, in line with several reports on Wednesday.

Led by the previous CEO of Wyse Technology, John Kish, Pano Logic offered virtual desktop infrastructure and cloud desktops, direct and thru hundreds of channel partners, predominantly within the US.

A report by Credit Union Times says Pano Logic filed an Assignment for the advantage of Creditors, an alternative choice to bankruptcy. Pano Logic hired third-party assignee, Sherwood Partners, to “monetize its assets to best satisfy the company’s investors.”

The move is strange, considering Pano Logic distributed a customer win press release last Monday, where Alabama-based Redstone Federal Credit Union was set to exchange 75 percent of its PCs with Pano Logic zero client virtual desktop computing over an 18-month period. Per Credit Union Times, Redstone FCU is currently “reviewing the location.”

Even its former PR representative told the WHIR that it was as surprised because the next person when it heard the inside track.

Pano Logic hasn’t given any details or instructions to its customers or partners on its website. On Facebook, customers have posted questions on its post-bankruptcy plan, and about why its management and investor section was faraway from its website. The latest comment is from someone confirming that Pano Logic’s Redwood office is empty. The entire comments were unanswered from Pano Logic, leaving plenty of room for speculation. One theory is that Pano Logic got a cease and desist letter and will not fight back.

The move comes as a up to date study finds greater than 1/2 US enterprises are migrating to virtual desktops or considering a migration in the next 365 days. This demand have been met with virtual desktop infrastructure offerings from website hosting providers, in addition to legacy vendors like Citrix, Dell and HP.

“i feel VDI will pick up because what we’ve seen within the last couple years is the long, slow death of the non-public computer. … So, what are you going to interchange [PCs] with- In preference to puzzling over that during terms of ways much the device should cost, vendors are desirous about what they have to provide to users by means of user experience and applications support,” Kish said in an interview with Search Virtual Desktop in September.

While the Pano Logic case could be an anomaly, it illustrates the significance of due diligence in selecting a VDI partner, or any partner. It also provides an example of what to not do when communicating something like bankruptcy to customers.

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